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Mar 24, 2020

Bleeding Edge is out now on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, and PC via Windows 10 and Steam

From Press Release:

The day is finally here – Bleeding Edge is available now with Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam.

For the uninitiated, Bleeding Edge is a unique 4v4 online brawler that showcases exhilarating combo-based action combat and strategic objective-based gameplay. Best experienced with friends or open communication with other players, Bleeding Edge redefines the meaning of squad goals and really puts the team in teamwork. At launch, Bleeding Edge features a diverse roster of 11 larger-than-life fighters hailing from the edges of society, 5 vibrant sprawling cyberpunk arenas, and 2 fast-paced game modes: Objective Control and Power Collection.

As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, Bleeding Edge is fully cross play and cross save between both Xbox One and Windows 10, and also available on Steam – this means that if you played during our Closed Beta, all your progress will be saved for launch.

If you’re an active Xbox Game Pass member, you can play Bleeding Edge as part of your existing Xbox Game Pass membership! Also, if you play from today until March 31, you’ll unlock the exclusive Punk Pack that includes three fighter skins, Rioter’s hoverboard, an in-game sticker pack, and three fighter emotes. Those who pre-ordered Bleeding Edge will also receive the Punk Pack. For more information, please visit

What’s new for launch?

We have a new map available in the rotation: Landslide! Landslide is set in sunny Mexico and features unique defensive power ups, and a few mini trains. Getting hit by a train packs a fair punch, so be sure to push or freeze your opponents on the tracks at just the right moment.

What’s coming later?

Mekko, everyone’s favorite trash-talking dolphin will be coming to Bleeding Edge soon as a post-launch update. Check his fighter page here on the Bleeding Edge website to read up on his moves.

We couldn’t be more grateful for having such a passionate and dedicated community that have been with the game since technical alpha – thanks to your feedback, we’ve made some fantastic recent changes and additions to Bleeding Edge, such as improving the pacing of our Power Collection game mode and adding anti-heal mods and abilities.