Mar 31, 2020

Good Company comes to Early Access on Steam and GOG today, a tycoon management sim where robots are the managers

From Press Release:

LONDON (March 31, 2020) – Developer Chasing Carrots and publisher The Irregular Corporation (PC Building Simulator) announced today that the quirky tycoon management sim Good Company is now available on Steam Early Access and GOG for $24.99. (

Good Company sets you up as CEO of your very own company, where dedicated tycoon fans of tycoon games will feel right at home with challenging and rewarding gameplay as you grow your staff, delegate tasks using the powerful Logistics mode and rake in enormous profits by inventing increasingly complex tech products that the public desperately craves.

A new trailer released today showcases the latest gameplay footage of your soon-to-be expanding empire and the ease in which you can research upgrades, hire new workers and keep track of changing markets and your profits and losses while strategizing your next move.

Choose how you want to run your Good Company as the game lets you set your own pace: continue to refine your ever-expanding empire and find creative and efficient ways to maximize those profits either in single-player Campaign Mode or endless Freeplay Mode. In Campaign Mode, aspiring CEOs tackle rewarding scenario levels and bonus challenge maps while in Freeplay Mode you are free to shape your company however you want. Building a good company and mastering the art of invention, automation and expansion is the name of the game at Good Company.

The Early Access version is now live and a development roadmap has been posted for fans to keep tabs on what they can look forward to in the game’s official Steam forum:

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