Apr 15, 2020

Noah’s Ark will have you collect two of every animal in an attempt to survive the flood – coming soon

From Press Release:

Today, we are pleased to inform you that SimulaM which is standing behind the game “I am Jesus Christ” is launching a new game – Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark, a realistic simulator game inspired by stories from Genesis of the Bible. Player can be like Noah and build famous ship, save (hunt) animals and survive during the biggest flood ever.

More information about this game with video trailer, screenshots are here at Steam’s page:

About the game

Noah’s Ark is one of the few Bible stories most people recognize. Now, you can play a realistic simulator game inspired by those stories from Genesis. Check if you can proceed with this challenge of the biggest flood ever.

Built according to the dimensions given in the Bible the biggest wooden ship ever from the scratch and prepare for the hard work. Use all resources around and prepare to be blown away by the massive dimensions of the biblical Ark

Explore surrounding areas as you track down different type of animal species. Start hunting animals in a new way! You need to save them and bring to your ship instead of killing them. In stunning natural environments, set off in search of a variety of animal species in this hunting (saving) simulation

And it is time for the the biggest flood ever in the world! Survive at your ship for one hundred and fifty days or entire world of people and animals will be lost.

Enjoy the time spend on this famous journey and give to the world a new beginning of life.