Jun 17, 2020

PlanetSide 2 gets new Colossus Heavy Tank and weapons in Colossus Update, available now

From Press Release:

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – June 17, 2020 – Rogue Planet Games today released the Colossus update for PlanetSide 2, introducing a massive 5-player battle tank capable of taking on Bastion Fleet Carriers from below. This update also brings a versatile new weapon, the NS-66 Punisher, that comes equipped with unique secondary abilities for each infantry class.

Highlights from the update include:

  • Colossus Heavy Tank: This hulking combat platform seats 5 players to man its primary cannon and 4 customizable support turrets. From its “deployed” mode, it fires powerful particle rounds capable of destroying Bastion weak points, filling a unique anti-air role.

  • NS-66 Punisher: A versatile SMG built for close-quarter aggression. The Punisher is the first weapon in PlanetSide 2 to feature class-specific abilities, like EMP munition for Infiltrators or Light Infantry Impulse Blast.

  • Facility Modules: New War Assets that enhance player-controlled bases by increasing turret power, providing vehicle discounts, and healing infantry in the region.

  • Outfit Logs: A community-requested tool for improved Outfit (guild) management that tracks Outfit activity, including new recruit enlistment, officer promotions, War Asset crafting, and other vital intelligence.

  • NS-03 Thumper SE: A special edition of the Thumper heavy grenade launcher to celebrate PlanetSide’s 17th franchise anniversary! It comes equipped with an anti-infantry fragmentation payload and has access to multiple specialized munition types.

The Colossus update also introduces new Merit Deployables, weapons balance changes, and a host of bug fixes and QoL improvements.

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