Jun 18, 2020

Slitherine announces ICBM, a real-time strategy game of global nuclear war – releasing this year on PC

From Press Release:

Epsom,18th June 2020. Leading strategy game specialist Slitherine announces the third title joining the roster of its K-Project program.

ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) is a game inspired by the classic Cold War movie WarGames. In ICBM, players take control of a nuclear superpower and prepare it for the outbreak of a global nuclear war.

  • Research or steal the world’s most advanced military technologies
  • Build bombers, stealth planes, and submarines to carry your payloads
  • Utilise intricate research trees and discover infinite options for warfare

In ICBM, players will attempt to maximize the destruction of their enemies with the best offensive strategy, all whilst limiting damages to their own Homeland cities.

Fight against advanced AI in single player or face up to 6 human opponents in online competitive mode. Form alliances, but remember that betrayal is always an option ­– like in the Cold War age, there are no reliable allies.

The race to arms will always run fast: each ICBM game can be played in less than half an hour. In this real-time strategy game, every player can adjust the game speed; slow down during deployment or while choosing the next development in the technology tree, and speed up while waiting to build missiles.

Even in the nuclear age, offense is the best defence. Sooner or later, the warheads will be launched. Will you and your country be ready?

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