Oct 29, 2020

Play the Prologue of The Last Spell, a tactical RPG from CCCP and The Arcade Crew today

From Press Release:

PARIS (Oct. 29, 2020) – Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer CCCP today released a free new multi-hour Prologue demo via Steam and trailer for The Last Spell, an arcade-paced fight to save humanity through tactical RPG battles paired with roguelite elements. Strategists are urged to lead a valiant defense against a beastly assault of unimaginable scale by downloading the demo here:

The Last Spell’s Prologue asks players to command their Haven through five in-game days (about 2-3 hours of gameplay depending on skill level) of defensive preparations and tense fights for survival. Leaders will implement enhanced effects, injury management, and a fresh defensive operation into their cunning plans to fend off an unending wave of monsters charging forth from a toxic mist.

Entrusted to defend the world’s final Haven, players will grapple with upgrading their fortresses’ buildings and outer walls while also guiding a band of heroic warriors in fending off certain demise. Get a sense of the challenging decisions and satisfying fights against unsettling forces ahead by viewing The Last Spell’s new trailer here:

The Last Spell’s turn-based action moves swiftly, weaving tactical depth in party management and gaining advantages in battle around snappy combat. Procedurally generated flanks of enemies and randomized stashes of gear challenge players to adapt to unpredictable scenarios, pushing them to learn new skills and strategies with each round. Surviving The Last Spell’s brutal but fair onslaught will be nothing short of miraculous, but with wit to match the might of its defenders, humanity’s final Haven can still persevere.

Find the latest intel on The Last Spell’s relentless threats by resting at the game’s official Haven (, visiting CCCP’s Discord (, and following @TheArcadeCrew and @deadingames’s on Twitter.

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