Mar 24, 2021

The apocalypse continues with Update 0.35 for Armored Warfare, the second update for the season

From Press Release:

Tuesday, 23 March 2021 — Another major content pack in the form of Update 0.35 is coming to Armored Warfare in mid-March. As a part of the Apocalypse season, players will get to enjoy new features such as another story-driven Special Operation mission or a new set of Contract Missions with the T-90A Burlak as its main prize. Other improvements include a shell mechanics overhaul and loading time optimization.

The new Special Operation mission is called “War.” The end of the world is here and those who survived its collapse now eke out a living in the ashes of civilization. Players are tasked with a daunting objective – to secure a fuel supply desperately needed by their settlement. To do just that, they will have to travel to the now-defunct Panama Canal where, right in the eye of a tropical storm, one of the last remaining intact tankers on the planets was discovered. But they won’t be the only ones looking for the fuel and the journey will be anything but safe.

The T-90A Burlak is a Russian Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank and the main prize of a new Contract Mission campaign round. Contracts consist of daily and weekly missions available to all players. Complete simple objectives and the coveted prize will be yours! The Burlak is an experimental turret that is now installed on a cutting edge T-90A MBT chassis. The vehicle has some rather unique traits, such as the Shtandart hard-kill APS or a special Ready Rack two-round mechanism that keeps on reloading the second round even when you fire the main weapon. This deadly combination will make it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

The high-Tier High-Explosive and Shaped Charge shells with Multi-Purpose warheads will undergo a series of changes in Update 0.35. High-Explosive rounds now deal one of three damage types – minimal damage upon non-penetration, partial damage upon partial penetration and full damage upon complete penetration. Module damage will become dependent on the distance from the explosion’s center with the explosion sizes themselves severely curtailed for high-caliber HE shells in order to make the gameplay more enjoyable. As for the MP shells, they too will get a damage reduction upon non-penetration with the target’s armor thickness playing a larger role in determining the damage itself. These changes will make the abovementioned shell types into what’s intended – a tool to destroy heavily armored targets that are low on hitpoints.

And last but definitely not least, other smaller changes await players in the form of a new T-72A model and optimized match loading process allowing players to load every battle faster. Additionally, as soon as everyone is loaded, the countdown timer will drop to 3 seconds – no more needless waiting. More content and changes are already in development.

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