Apr 04, 2021

Path of Kami is a puzzle exploration game where you play as a wolf, made by a diverse and inclusive game studio – FREE Prologue coming soon

From Press Release:

Path of Kami is a relaxing puzzle exploration game following the spirit of recently-deceased Japanese wolf Kazeyo as he navigates the trials of the Mortal and Spirit World through puzzles. He is accompanied by Wisp companion who is there to guide him on his journey. Path of Kami contains elements of both traditional Japanese folktales (Momotaro, Issun-Boushi), as well as a more personal journey for the main character.

The prologue features a portion of Kazeyo’s journey through the Mortal realm and an introduction to the Path of Kami world!


  • Explore beautiful landscapes set in ancient Japan
  • Find and collect a variety of collectibles
  • Solve puzzles by lighting lanterns
  • Enjoy a heartwarming story about a wolf and his Wisp companion
  • A handcrafted 3D painterly world
  • A beautiful soundtrack that will hit you in the face with FEELS!

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Wishlist the Prologue on Steam, and follow it for updates: