Apr 23, 2021

Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 update called “Underground Infamy” adds ship-to-ship docking, big caves, and more

From Press Release:

LOS ANGELES – April 22, 2021 – Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) today announced the launch of the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy update. Available for all active and new Star Citizen players, the update represents CIG’s continued commitment to creating the most ambitious game project to-date, introducing for the first-time a variety of new features, systems, and content, including ship-to-ship docking, a reputation manager tracking player’s alignment with NPC mission givers and factions across the ‘verse, gigantic caves with a variety of new missions, and two brand new vehicles.
“Star Citizen players new and old alike will have much to discover and explore with today’s release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy,” said Cloud Imperium co-founder and Star Citizen Creative Director, Chris Roberts. “Long-time players will be excited to see the first implementation of highly anticipated features such as ship-to-ship docking. In addition, with new cave missions and new vehicles, additional visual enhancements to more Stanton locations, and the first iteration of Reputation Management, we are seeing more of our vision for a living and immersive universe where your actions matter coming to life.”
With so many new additions, there is something for everyone in the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy update.
  • BIG Cave Content: Planet environments will see the introduction of big caves. And by “big,” we mean, “really BIG.” In terms of size, and scope, these caves are larger and more complex than anything players have explored previously. In addition, Bounty Hunter, Assassin, and Combat missions can now occur within these dangerous environments. New entrances allow for players to drive into the maw of caves, with sinkholes also offering a new way for players to fly in and explore underground.
  • Ship-to-ship Docking: Ship-to-ship interaction sees a huge leap forward. This first iteration of the system allows the docking and undocking of the Merlin fighter from the Constellation Aquila, Phoenix, and Andromeda, with more ships receiving support in coming patches.
  • Reputation Manager: Players can expect a new menu on their mobiGlas tracking their reputation with mission givers, organizations, and factions across the ‘verse. By completing missions and tasks players will earn reputation, improving their standing with said faction for a variety of rewards. The reputation manager represents the first such progression system introduced to Star Citizen.
  • Greycat ROC-DS: Designed for when the job at hand is a little bigger than expected, this Dual Seat mining vehicle minimizes the headaches with a manually operated mining arm to reach even the most precarious deposits and maximizes profits with more than quadruple the onboard ore-storage of the very popular standard model.
  • Cyclone MT: Outfitted with a combination gun and missile turret, the Cyclone MT offers players an all-out assault ground vehicle that carries increased combat options in the field compared to other Cyclone vehicles.
  • Cargo Mission Updates: Cargo missions receive two new updates including Quantum sensitive cargo missions, challenging players to manually fly to their destination without relying on their Quantum drive. Multi-drop timed cargo missions come online as players are expected to deliver three packages each with slightly varied timers, requiring more strategic flight navigation for greater rewards.
For full details on the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.13: Underground Infamy update, please head here.
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