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Apr 26, 2021

Deckbuilding roguelite SpinCraft, arrives on iOS and Android

From Press Release:

SpinCraft, the deck builder rogue-lite game released on iOS and Android for free.

SpinCraft may look like another mindless slot machine game, but it’s anything but that! Use the best meta-builds to reach as far as you can.

Every game is unique and one of a kind with hundreds of symbols, special items, and mega combos waiting to be discovered. Every time you finish a run you unlock new perma-items and improve your future chances.

Completely free, no pay-to-win mechanics. Ads are shown once every ~50 spins (around 15-20 minutes of gameplay), with the only IAP being to remove said ads.

Inspired by LBaL, the mobile version is everything you’d expect and much more!


  • Deck builder rogue-lite game
  • Build and craft a slot machine
  • Hundreds of symbols available
  • Special items
  • Finish quests to unlock new and improved symbols
  • Permanent progression
  • Weekly version updates with new content, features, and balancing
  • Compete for the top spot on the world leaderboards