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May 14, 2021

Quicksave 025: Some Asshole Space Whale

This week on our TWENTY FIFTH EPISODE, Scott’s been playing the hex’ed up 3X city builder Before We Leave, both of the guys cannot put down Arenas mode in Apex Legends, except for when Evan can’t tear himself away from Judgment on the PS5. This is rather timely given the announcement of its upcoming sequel, Lost Judgment, which is just one of the several news items discussed along with Ubisoft’s future F2P plans, all-but-certain upcoming Battlefield 6 announcement, and the also soon to be released RTX 3080 Ti from Nvidia.

Discussed: Before We Leave 10:52, Apex Legends 28:07, Judgment 1:01:02, Lost Judgment Announcement 1:12:55, Ubisoft F2P 1:18:28, Epic v Apple 1:21:56, Battlefield 6 1:28:50, RTX 3080 Ti 1:31:05, Mailbag 1:39:07