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Jul 14, 2021

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities, the survival city-builder enters Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store today

From Press Release:

Buckle up, citizen: the journey is about to begin! The survival city-building game Dream Engines: Nomad Cities releases today on Steam and Epic Early Access! The anticipated and award-winning game by indie studio Suncrash launches for $29.99/€29.99, with a release discount of -10%. In Dream Engines: Nomad Cities you are in charge of building, managing and defending a flying city in a nightmare-infested post-apocalyptic land, overrun by strange monsters known as the Dream Plagues. The Ancients fell prey of the Plagues and their powerful technology was almost completely lost. Only a handful of human tribes still survive, wandering and ever-fleeing from one land to the next.

Explore the wilderness with your steambot Tiny, fighting monsters and finding resources for your tribe. Gather materials and design automated processing lines as efficiently as possible. Build and manage a sprawling city, researching new technologies, crafting new gear for Tiny, and upgrading your infrastructure. Build defenses to fend off the Plagues — and when they become too powerful, grab your most useful buildings, scrap the rest and fly away to a new place to continue in your efforts to find a way to get rid of the Dream Plagues forever!


Dream Engines: Nomad Cities is an award-winning survival city-building game with flying cities. Explore a nightmare-infested land with your steambot Tiny while gathering scraps, searching for resources to exploit, and investigating the mysterious ruins of the Ancients. Fight the Dream Plagues in hand-to-hand or ranged combat. Gather resources to grow your city, design an automated production system, and research new technologies. Build fortifications to defend your flying city and survive in this wacky post-apocalyptic world full of weird science and dreams. Expand while always balancing between the essential infrastructure and the disposable – when the Dream Plagues grow too dangerous, you’ll be forced to fly away in search of a better place, and your limited fuel and weight capacity will force you to leave some things behind. Once you leave, you’ll have a chance to continue your efforts in a new land – and hit the ground running with everything you were able to take with you!

Dream Engines won the Best Game In Conference award in Games Gathering 2020’s Indie Blast competition, and was a finalist in Digital Dragons Indie Celebration 2021.


  • Build a productive flying city. Design an efficient automated industry to make the most of your limited time and space before you are overrun.
  • Find and exploit scarce resources across different maps and biomes. Every biome has different resources, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Explore the world with Tiny, a customizable combat steambot, and discover ancient mysteries while fighting in real-time action.
  • Research, craft, and upgrade your infrastructure. Research new structures, craft more advanced gear, and spend infrastructure points to best suit your play style.
  • Balance between expensive expansion and disposable buildings to be left behind. Manage your fuel and weight carefully – you can’t take everything with you!
  • Defend your city against the Dream Plagues. The longer you stay in the same area the stronger they get, until they grow so strong and numerous that no one can withstand their assault.
  • Survive until the last moment – then fly off and begin anew in a new area and a different biome… but hit the ground running with all the structures you brought with you!

Twitter: @suncrashstudio