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Jul 19, 2021

Procedural road trip adventure Road 96 comes to PC and Switch on August 16th

From Press Release:

Montpellier – 19 of July 2021. French independent studio DigixArt is happy to announce that Road 96 will be launched this 16th of August on Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store at the meaningful price of 19.96 EUR | USD. Road 96 will be also available as part of the Hitchhiker bundle, together with the 9 artists OST and an original Game eBook containing the key stories from 10 years before the events happening in the game, all this at a price of 29.91 EUR | USD.

Revealing the Hitchhiker Bundle with the “choose your own adventure ebook”


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Road 96 represents the most ambitious project from DigixArt, headed by industry veteran Yoan Fanise (Valiant Hearts, Memories Retold), will offer players an ever-evolving story-driven adventure inspired by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho.

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The DigixArt philosophy

In 2015, after many years at Ubisoft and having co-Directed successes like Valiant Hearts, Yoan Fanise wanted to continue his path independently creating projects on a human scale and with total creative freedom, where everyone in the team can contribute. He also wanted to be able to tackle any subject that he loved or was worried about (like road trips or war). His wife Anne-Laure was ready to take up this challenge, and they started DigiXart in the south of France, as they knew that we would be very complementary for this new adventure.

Now the studio has a team of 15 passionate and talented developers that has been built around three pillars: creativity, humility and reliability. In the words of Yoan:

“The three are extremely related, because in the past I have seen how creative chemistry can be created and generate a rich and original playful experience, or sometimes not. And for me, this requires above all great humility: each idea can work if it is nurtured by the whole team, if we separate it from any ego and let it evolve. Too strong egos can block this and prevent the ideas of more timid personalities from being expressed and prototyped.

Reliability is finally what characterizes us, because we delivered all of our games on schedule. Respecting the internal steps is very important to prevent the projects from running out and to force us to stop the design decisions. If we do not impose fixed dates on ourselves, we tend to want to leave too many doors open in game design or writing. It is also a question of professionalism and respect for the commitments made with the partners who co-finance our projects.”

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