Aug 30, 2021

Fires of Industry Update for action-platformer 30XX adds new level, powers, and more today

From Press Release:

30XX, the follow-up to Batterystaple Games best-selling action platformer 20XX, introduced its seventh stage today during the Gamescom Awesome Indies Showcase.

The new level is now available on Steam Early Access alongside a range of additional content to keep robo-heroes jumping and shooting.

Dustria, 30XX’s latest level, throws protagonists Nina and Ace into a deadly factory teeming with springing platforms, junk crushers, and conveyor belts loaded with exploding barrels. The gauntlet also culminates in an encounter with an equally dangerous new boss, Captial Punishment.

Along with these exciting new surroundings, this Fires of Industry Update introduces pet companions to assist in combat, remixed boss fights, triple the items to collect since launch, and more alongside the recently added community leaderboard features.

To learn more about 30XX, visit Steam and Batterystaple Games’ website, and join the community on TwitterYouTubeFacebook, and the 20XX series’ Discord server.