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Sep 20, 2021

Nebuchadnezzar Update 1.2 adds Crime, Disease, and Fire to the Mesopotamian city-builder


From Press Release:

We are happy to announce that the second major update of Nebuchadnezzar is out.

We would love to thank each and every one of you for your trust and all your insights, comments and suggestions. Without your support and feedback we would not be able to keep improving Nebuchadnezzar and making it a great city builder game.

And without further delay, let’s take a look at the main features and improvements the new update brings.

Update 1.2 includes:

New fire, crime and diseases mechanics

Accept new challenges and protect your city from fire, crime and disease.


Hire firefighters to prevent fires. If you can’t, at least hope they can put out the fire before it spreads to the whole city.



Establish a city watch to fight crime. Otherwise, your goods may start disappearing under the raids of thieves, or worse, your city may face riots from a disgruntled populace.



Do you opt for folk healers or would you rather use the educated but demanding upper class population to employ highly effective doctors? The decision is yours.


Caravan improvements

Automatic synchronization between caravans now ensures maximal transport capacity.


Reworked routes

Goods can be now loaded and unloaded in the same warehouse.


Adjustable taxes and wages

Adjust your taxes and wages to provide better life for you citizens or to get more money from them. But beware, because all actions have consequences.


New information layers

Several new and improved information layers such as house levels layer.


And much more…

Full changelog can be found here: