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Sep 23, 2021

The Last Spell takes its defenses to “Glenwald Calling” in new update

From Press Release:

PARIS (Sept. 23, 2021) – Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games today announce a free update for tactical RPG The Last Spell; a new map, three Apocalypse levels, and a strategy-foiling enemy along with a horde of refinements, bug fixes, and balancing changes reach the game today as part of the Glenwald Calling update via Steam Early Access. Tacticians new to the fight can also snag a 10 percent discount on the game from 5:00 a.m. PST today until 5:00a.m PST on Sept. 30.

The announcement’s trailer shares a first look at Glenwald, an obstacle-ridden city speckled by Mist Censers casting shrouds of mist, hiding sections of the map as well as lurking enemies. Glenwald Calling also introduces the Guardian, a new enemy type which grants defensive buffs to neighboring beasts. Combined with Glenwald’s tricky terrain, Guardians make fending off The Last Spell’s relentless, monstrous mobs uniquely difficult across three new immensely challenging Apocalypse levels. Watch the new trailer to see what is available in Glenwald Calling:

A full overview of Glenwald Calling’s additions, improvements, and balancing changes are also detailed here:

Humanity’s remaining strategists are flocking to The Last Spell following its arrival via Steam Early Access, where the game quickly earned a Very Positive rating after amassing thousands of positive reviews:

The Last Spell features:

  • Satisfying Turn-Based Combat: Carefully equip, position, and command squads to line up devastating attacks on groups of enemies without getting swarmed or overpowered.
  • Immense Replayability: Randomized party members, stashes of gear, and enemy flanks make each run an exciting and unpredictable fight through procedural generation.
  • Defensive Strategy: Add and upgrade helpful structures to the Haven, or fortify crucial areas with defenses like barricades to stall an unending advance of monsters.
  • A Rewarding Challenge: Return from inevitable defeat to stand as humanity’s last hope having learned new tactics or permanently unlocking weapons, skills, or buildings.
  • A Rousing Soundtrack: A stirring, synth-driven instrumental progressive metal OST by French musician Rémi Gallego, aka The Algorithm, elevates the dread and thrill around each tense battle. Purchase the full soundtrack here:

Surviving The Last Spell’s brutal but fair onslaught is nothing short of miraculous, but with wit to match the might of its defenders, the world’s final Haven can still persevere.

Keep tabs on The Last Spell’s looming threats by resting at the game’s official Haven (, visiting Ishtar Games’ Discord (, and following @TheArcadeCrew and @ishtar_games’ on Twitter.

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