Oct 06, 2021

Fury, Then Silence is the penultimate episode of The Long Dark, as the story continues today

From Press Release:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — October 6, 2021 — Hinterland is proud to announce that Episode Four of The Long Dark‘s immersive narrative mode is available today on PC and console. Episode Four: Fury, Then Silence continues Will Mackenzie’s journey, as the crashed pilot navigates a tense situation at Blackrock Federal Penitentiary. All the while, players will be able to explore an all-new region built around the imposing Blackrock Mountain. Episode Four offers between 8-12 hours of play time, 60 minutes of new cinematics, and 40 minutes of original music, as well as introducing new key characters and setting up for the finale in Episode Five.

What’s new in Episode Four?

  • New Region, BLACKROCK: Episode Four takes place in a brand new region built around Blackrock Mountain. The Penitentiary is the region’s main point of interest, itself featuring multiple locations including the Prison Block, the Infirmary, Barracks, etc., but there are also several other locations in the broader region including a Substation, a Power Plant, the Steam Tunnels under the prison complex, and a three-level deep Mine at the foot of Blackrock Mountain.
  • New Tool, NOISEMAKER: Blackrock Region is heavily “patrolled” by Timberwolf Packs, The Long Dark’s most dangerous wildlife. The Noisemaker — crafted from Cans, Gunpowder, and Cloth for a fuse — serves as a useful deterrent and is one of the most effective ways to break Wolfpack morale.
  • New Lighting: The lighting model in the game has been completely redone, making Episode Four the best-looking episode yet.
  • Improved Cinematic Narrative: Episode Four represents Hinterland’s strongest work in cinematic narrative to date. Character models and animation fidelity have also been improved.

“We’re thrilled to bring people back into the story of Mackenzie and Astrid, and into the frigid wilderness of Great Bear Island,” said Raphael van Lierop, Creative Director at Hinterland. “I’m so proud of this team, which has pushed hard through a global pandemic to deliver what I believe is our strongest episode to date. Get ready to face Mathis and the dangers of Blackrock Prison, in Fury, Then Silence.”

Episode Four: Fury, Then Silence is available as a free download to existing owners of The Long Dark starting October 6 on Steam and Epic Games Store for PC and Mac, Xbox One (Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility), PlayStation 4 (PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility), and Nintendo Switch. The Long Dark is available for $34.99 USD (exact pricing dependent on platform and territory), and it includes all five episodes of the WINTERMUTE story mode, as well as its robust, award-winning Survival Mode.


An award-winning survival game that regularly rounds out top-10 lists, what started as an “indie” project for the Canadian studio now has over 8-million players worldwide. Originally launching on Steam Early Access in September 2014, THE LONG DARK is now available on every major platform. Its non-narrative Survival Mode offers thousands of hours of free-form open-world survival gameplay, where players put their wits and decision-making skill against a hostile mother nature as they struggle to survive the Canadian north. The five-episode WINTERMUTE narrative mode tells the story of bush pilot Will Mackenzie and Dr. Astrid Greenwood as they navigate an unexplained geomagnetic phenomenon in their journey to a remote northern community that may hold the secret to our long-term survival.

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About Hinterland

Hinterland is an independent cross-platform entertainment company founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 2012. Creating original entertainment IP as games first and then expanding these stories to other platforms is key to Hinterland’s IP-centric approach to game development. Hinterland is a multinational, multi-ethnic team united around a single goal: to create thought-provoking, story-rich entertainment experiences with deep interactivity and thoughtful player communities at their heart. Hinterland’s first title, the award-winning survival game THE LONG DARK, launched in 2017 and now has over 8-million players worldwide. The studio is working on multiple unannounced cross-platform projects, while continuing to support and expand the rich setting around THE LONG DARK, beloved by so many players around the world.

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