Oct 21, 2021

ChefSquad is a co-operative Twitch-only game where communities run a restaurant, releasing for FREE

From Press Release:

October 21st, 2021 — Vertigo Gaming Inc. is thrilled to announce the impending release of ChefSquad — a free co-operative Twitch only game where communities run their own restaurants!

In ChefSquad, the streamer is the all-seeing and all-controlling head chef; while up to 25 people in chat can sign-up to be the cooks in their kitchen. Work together to get orders out quickly and pull off a perfect day — finish the day successfully to unlock new foods, upgrades, and challenges!

The kitchen has a number of stations based on what’s on the menu, and each station can prepare different ingredients. When a day begins, the streamer moves active players in chat to various stations and lets them know what needs to be done — such as preparing dishes, handling chores, and making sure orders are sent out — all at a rapid-fire pace!

“This entire game was made by streamers, for streamers — the music, art, game design, everyone involved has streamed on Twitch, some being part or full time Twitch streamers, which made this game extra special for us and might be a first for any game ever.” said David Galindo, game designer for ChefSquad. “We wanted to experiment with this new way of community interaction and we hope everyone has a fun time with it!”

Find out if there’s such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen or if you’ve assembled the perfect team, in ChefSquad! Available to download free starting tonight at Midnight Eastern Standard Time on Steam.

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Twitter: @chubigans