Nov 03, 2021

Among Trees leaves Early Access for full release on PC for both Epic Games Store and Steam

From Press Release:

SOMEWHERE DEEP IN THE FORESTS OF SWEDEN, NOVEMBER 3RD, 2021  FJRD Interactive is excited to announce that they will be releasing Among Trees on Steam and ending its Early Access period on the Epic Games Store on November 10th for $14.99 USD. Over that Early Access period, the team has added much more to the game such as fishing and being able to get your own fox companion. Players will also find many new things to craft like a tent, a brewery, a hydration system, as well as new loot and decorations.

About Among Trees

Escape to an enchanting, living sandbox surrounded by wildlife and nature. Scavenge materials and craft tools to turn your small cabin into a warm, well-supplied home. Survive by fishing, cooking and growing your own food. Be careful though, the forest is as dangerous as it is wonderful.

Explore a living, colorful world, ranging from dense forests to dark caves.

Your cabin grows with you: build new rooms to unlock additional game mechanics, including cooking, gardening, crafting and sewing.

Nurture delicate (and delicious) plants in your greenhouse. Eat them raw or make a stew for better nutritional values.

Dangerous animals roam some areas in the woods. Better keep a distance if you can. (Among Trees also includes a ZEN mode without dangerous animals)

While the wilderness can be dangerous, it doesn’t mean you can’t make new friends. Adopt a Fox Pet who you can feed, pet, and train to help you find loot..

For more information on Among Trees, visit Find the game on Facebook and Twitter.