Nov 15, 2021

Launch trailer for ANVIL drops ahead of Steam Early Access release on December 2nd

From Press Release:

November 15, 2021 – Developer Action Square has just released a new trailer for its upcoming top-down action shooter ANVIL. This official launch trailer shows off the game’s diverse world, unique enemies and the incredible Vault Breakers who have been trained to handle the many monsters that threaten the galaxy. The launch trailer comes with the exciting announcement that ANVIL will be headed to Steam Early Access, Xbox Preview and Xbox Game Pass on December 2nd.

In ANVIL you play as the aforementioned Vault Breakers. Breakers seek out “Vaults” which are remnants of alien civilizations scattered throughout the galaxy. Each galaxy that players explore will consist of random planets with their own unique monsters including bosses to really test out the players’ skills. With over 100 randomly generated artifacts as well as dozens of weapons to find, no session will be the same as the last.

Death is only the beginning. Vault Breaks have mechanical bodies that rebuild after they’re destroyed. Gaining EXP during battle helps them become stronger and new powers are unlocked over time. Players will keep the experience they earned during battle and resurrect as a better, more prepared Vault Breaker. Vault Breakers don’t fear death, they welcome it.


  • ANVIL is an agency that searches for “Vaults”, the remnants of alien civilizations scattered throughout the universe. Become a “Breaker” searching for Vaults and explore the unknown galaxy.
  • Each galaxy consists of random planets and unique bosses. By defeating bosses and opening the Vaults, players will be able to utilize the upgraded powers within.
  • Utilize over 100 randomly generated artifacts and dozens of weapons that will make every session unique and different. Explore a combination of different playstyles by testing synergy between various artifacts and obtain powerful weapons to become the ultimate Breaker.
  • Gain EXP during battle to enhance your Breaker’s strength and give them new powers. The Breakers are not afraid of death because death only makes them stronger when they are rebuilt.

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