Dec 13, 2021

Hunt: Showdown kicks off the holidays with bone-chilling Winter Solstice event today through January 5th with new DLC

From Press Release:

Larkspur, Calif. (Dec. 13, 2021) – Hunters that spend the dark, cold winters in the bayou can claim a sack full of rewards as part of the new Winter Solstice live event launching this Wednesday, Dec. 15.

Hunt: Showdown maps will feature Solstice Tributes until Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022; players should destroy these to gather event points. As with previous events, investigating clues, rifts, and looting hunter corpses will also add to the points haul. Event boosters – called Chary’s Contracts – will be available to aid event point collection and Dark Sight range.

The event’s ultimate prize, which will be revealed in a dev stream at 9:00 AM PST tomorrow, Dec. 14, will be available to those who earn 10,000 points. Legendary Weapons The Winfield 1873 Swift ‘Mountain King,’ Cavalry Saber ‘Corvus,’ and Quad Derringer ‘Evergreen,’ along with the legendary consumable Fire Bomb ‘Spirit of Yule,’ are also up for grabs.

To help Hunt: Showdown players get even more into the holiday spirit, the next DLC “The Lawless” will be available on Steam from Tuesday, Dec. 14, and on consoles from Thursday, Dec. 16; featuring the Legendary Hunter ‘The Gunslinger’ and Legendary Weapons Winfield M1873 Aperture ‘The Accomplice’ and the Scottfield Revolver ‘Felon’s Six.’

The Winter Solstice rewards include:

  • Legendary Throwing Axe ‘Calling Bird’
  • Legendary Quad Derringer ‘Evergreen’
  • Legendary Fire Bomb ‘Spirit of Yule’
  • Legendary Winfield 1873 Swift ‘Mountain King’
  • Legendary Cavalry Saber ‘Corvus’

Those looking for a soundtrack to their Winter Solstice hunting can now download Port Sulphur Band’s new album from Hunt: Showdown, The Sinners Songbook.

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