Dec 17, 2021

Frostfall, the holiday event kicks off in Dauntless – live on all platforms until January 6th

From Press Release:

Frostfall, the annual winter holiday event in Dauntless, is now live! Players can expect a number of fun in-game activities, quests, a fully transformed city of Ramsgate, and new Behemoth encounters during the event.

Frostfall event details, in brief:

  • Frostfall begins December 16, 2021 and ends January 6, 2022.
  • Discover gifts from the Farslayers hidden across the Shattered Isles.
  • Join the Frostwarden and the Krolachi in two new hunts on Snowblind Wastes.
  • Build snow forts and enjoy snowball fights with friends old and new.
  • Embark on four new quests to earn extra rewards.
  • Treat yourself to Frostfall-themed goods from the store and Honest Ozz.
  • Win exclusive prizes through our Frostfall community contest.

You can find more information in our Frostfall blog post here: