Dec 22, 2021

Dying Light wraps up clothes and weapons with the Snow Ops Bundle today

From Press Release:
Wrocław, Poland — December 22, 2021 — Winter celebrations continue in Dying Light with the recent launch of the Snow Ops Bundle. Don an all-new outfit and test out a brand-new weapon bundled together in a seasonal package capable of spreading infectious holiday cheer.

The Snow Ops Bundle introduces the Winter Warrior outfit and the Snowstorm grenade launcher, a combination perfect for braving Harran’s ongoing winter-themed events. Created by the city’s brightest minds, the Winter Warrior outfit not only keeps its wearer warm but also provides a 20% bonus increase to agility, power, survivor, and legend skill tree increases.

Of course, keeping that cold at bay isn’t the only concern for Harran residents. Wield the Snowstorm grenade launcher and fire its six-grenade magazine into infected foes to freeze them in their tracks. Overcome high recoil to land shots capable of stopping groups of enemies with a single grenade and enjoy unique shooting and reloading animations and sound effects.

The Snow Ops Bundle includes:

  • The Winter Warrior Outfit
    • 20% bonus to leveling up agility, power, survivor, and legend skill trees
  • The Snowstorm Grenade Launcher
    • Unique shooting and reloading animations
    • Fires a six-grenade magazine capable of freezing nearby enemies
    • High recoil

The Snow Ops Bundle DLC is now available for purchase on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store for $1.99 / £1.69 / €1.59.

For more information on Dying Light, please visit the official website.