Mar 28, 2022

Akupara Games announces they will now be publishing Rain World and upcoming Downpour DLC

From Press Release:

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 28, 2022 – Akupara Games, alongside developer Videocult, announced their publishing partnership today for Rain World and its DLC titled Rain World: Downpour. During Rain World’s 5th-anniversary developer stream, Videocult confirmed that Akupara Games will take over the existing Rain World products as a publisher today, announced new merchandise with Sanshee, and shared some backstory behind Downpour.

In Rain World, you are a small, courageous animal called a slugcat. Alone, separated from your family, you must brave the harsh, unforgiving wilderness where predators rule. Survive using your wits and proficiency in throwing tools to keep the beasts at bay while seeking refuge from the catastrophic downpours that tear through the land.

The Downpour DLC will include thousands of new maps across ten new regions, five new playable characters with unique storylines and endings and two new game modes.

Wishlist Downpour Now: