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Jul 24, 2022

Rain World will have four-player co-op as part of the Downpour DLC in a new mode

From Press Release:

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 18, 2022 – Akupara Games, alongside developer Videocult, celebrates the Jolly Week of July by announcing Jolly Co-Op – a four-player co-op mode arriving in the Downpour DLC. With a week full of announcements, streams, and devlogs, there is plenty for fans to look forward to in the upcoming DLC. 

Jolly Co-Op allows for up to 4 local players to slip into the world of Rain World together to survive the treacherous industrial wastelands. Communicate through in-game gestures; lend a helping hand with the new piggyback riding mechanic; and customize your campaign with shared food bars, a Pup/Old mode, 

customizable survival requirements; and more! In addition, Steam Workshop support and an updated built-in mod manager will be coming to Rain World alongside the launch of Downpour

In Rain World, you are a small, courageous animal called a slugcat. Alone, separated from your family, you must brave the harsh, unforgiving wilderness where predators rule. Survive using your wits and proficiency in throwing tools to keep the beasts at bay while seeking refuge from the catastrophic downpours that tear through the land. 

The Downpour DLC includes thousands of new maps across ten new regions, five new playable characters with unique storylines and endings, two new game modes, and local co-op. 

Downpour Features: 

  • Breaking New Ground to Explore – Survive and explore ten expansive new regions – featuring thousands of new maps, environments, creatures, and weather anomalies to discover Five Additional Characters – Each with unique abilities, skill sets, gameplay style, and stories Challenge Mode – Put your survivability to the test in multiple pre-constructed arena scenarios, adapting to each room as the difficulty increases 
  • Safari Mode – Observe an ecosystem unfold! Revisit areas once explored safely through the eyes of an observer – control and play as other creatures in the game to influence the scene Jolly Co-Op – Up to four local players can explore and survive all base-game campaigns in this local co-op mode. See if the power of friendship can overcome the treacherous world of Rain World. 

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