Mar 29, 2022

First-person stealth RPG in Abermore releases today onto PC via Steam for some heisting

From Press Release:

LONDON, UK – March 29, 2022 – Be the legend that the city deserves. Four Circle Interactive and Fireshine Games invite players to inherit the role of a notorious thief and pull off the heist of the century in Abermore, an all-new first-person stealth RPG available today on PC via Steam.

From the creators of 10 Second Ninja XAbermore puts players in the role of an unscrupulous thief preparing for the ultimate royal robbery, taking on jobs from a ragtag crew of crooks and criminals to grow their reputation and convince the city that they’re devious enough to lead a grand heist.

Players can craft new equipment to assist with their thieving and bounty hunting, trade goods on the black market for better loot, discover magic tarot cards to aid them on their quest, and use anything they find as a weapon. Players ransack houses, steal new loot, form alliances, trade precious goods, seduce aristrocrats, discover supernatural powers and build their notoriety in service of a single goal: to plunder the Royal Palace for all its worth.


  • Undertake countless unique heists – Players adopt the mantle of “The Unhanged Man”, a legendary Robin Hood-esque figure during the 18-day run-up to a grand heist. They steal valuable loot and evade detection in daring robberies, where thousands of randomized elements mean that no two levels are ever the same.
  • Barter and acquire new gear – Players must plan wisely to grow their arsenal and acquire improved equipment. They also must barter with fences in the Black Market to sell stolen goods and buy new weapons or get creative with some of the more ‘unconventional’ tools of the trade.
  • Lady Luck is on player’s side – Players can find tarot cards to discover unique abilities and supernatural powers to gain the upper hand during a heist.
  • Expect the unexpected – While players should plan their heists carefully, sometimes they’ll have to improvise. Players are challenged to stay hidden and utilize whatever they can find.
  • Discover Abermore – Players explore a neo-Edwardian city, meet Abermore’s citizens and create unlikely alliances on their path to the ultimate score.

 Abermore was born out of our love for games that let players be broad in their approach to completing objectives – and the improvisation needed when things don’t go to plan,” said Dan Pearce, Game Director at Four Circle Interactive. “Giving players the tools to tackle each 18-day campaign differently and make every run unique was a huge consideration for us while developing the game, and we really hope players enjoy experimenting with Abermore’s systems on their quest for theft.”

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