Apr 20, 2022

Train Life: A Railway Simulator receives its Third Major Update today, and releases in full this July

From Press Release:

Lesquin, France, April 20, 2022 – The updates for the railway simulation Train Life: A Railway Simulator are chugging along nicely. 8 months after the early access launch, Simteract studio is adding more content and new features in anticipation of the game’s definitive launch, now scheduled for July 2022 on PC and shortly afterwards on consoles.

The update will see a new official locomotive pulling into the station: the Newag Griffin. This series of vehicles, which carry both passengers and goods at speeds of up to 200 km/h, was first produced in Poland in 2012.

There are also new ways to customize the locomotives in Train Life, such as painting the outer bodywork in company colours and adding various decorative items in the driver’s cab (figurines of European monuments, bobble heads, plants, etc).

With Train Life early access, the sights have raised. With that in mind, a new region has been added: the Alps. You can now roll on track alongside snow-covered mountains where nature has the upper hand.

Finally, in order to add more realism and make it more immersive, the game now includes climate conditions. You now have to take the weather into account when safely transporting freight and passengers!

Train Life: A Railway Simulator is available for early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The complete game is scheduled for release in July 2022 on PC and shortly afterwards on consoles.

Train Life : A Railway Simulator is available on Steam and on the Epic Games Store.

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