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Jun 20, 2022

Legend of Keepers receives its final DLC addition with Soul Keepers today, Goblinz Studio eager to show more of upcoming projects

From Press Release:

This is it: the final Legend of Keepers DLC is out now on Steam, GOG and Epic Games!

Featuring the Skeleton Lord Master, new missions, new promotion, new game mechanics, Psychopomp monsters, new traps and artefacts.

We are so happy to have been working on this game for 4 years.

Since the release of the prologue in 2019, so much has happened. We’ve attended incredible events, met amazing players, received tons of positive messages and constructive feedback that have allowed us to improve the game as best as we could. This game has really made us grow as individuals but also as a studio.

Anyway, we can’t wait to show you more about our upcoming projects. You will hear from us very soon!

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✨ Steam Page:
🐦 Twitter: @LegendOfKeepers