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Jul 01, 2022

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising receives new gameplay trailer teaches how to play the roguelike battler, also discounted on Steam

From Press Release:

The “Gameplay Guidance Trailer,” which explains how to experience the excitement of this title, is published today, July 1st!

ed-0_trailer_02-s.jpg ed-0_trailer_01-s.jpg

ed-0_trailer_03-s.jpg ed-0_trailer_04-s.jpg

This trailer will explain in detail how to enjoy “rogue-like” and “battles,” and is a must-see for those who are willing to play this game!

First Sale Going On NOW! 30% OFF through June 23rd – July 7th !!


First sale is going on for two weeks from June 23 to July 7!! Take advantage of the 30% discount and try out the Early Access!

Steam ”Ed-0: Zombie Uprising”

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