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Jul 07, 2022

Rockstar Games gives updates to both the Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online communities


From Press Release:

As we look at what’s in store for the Rockstar Games community in the weeks and months ahead, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their unmatched enthusiasm and commitment to all our titles. It’s your support that drives us to keep pushing forward with everything we do, and we are excited to share with you the first details around upcoming updates and more.

With more players than ever taking to the streets of Los Santos thanks to the recent launches on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S — we’ll be working to improve the overall GTA Online experience with new gameplay updates, adding top community-requested experience improvements and upgrades to make it easier for players to enjoy everything GTA Online has to offer.

In just a few short weeks, a new update is coming to GTA Online on all platforms that will expand upon the Criminal Careers of Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, and Nightclub Owner — alongside a set of Contact Missions that presents the opportunity to be sworn in as a special IAA field operative to investigate a budding criminal conspiracy.

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This update will also feature some changes that have been long-requested by the community — such as reducing the effectiveness of homing missiles and countermeasures on the Oppressor Mk II, offering a more convenient way to access snacks and armor, and the ability to launch Sell Missions in Invite Only sessions. These are just a few of the experience improvements that will be coming this summer to GTA Online as we continue to incorporate more player feedback and other learnings moving forward.

We’ll also be increasing some of the GTA$ payouts throughout the game to reward players for their time — regardless of what they choose to play. With such a wide range of things to do in GTA Online we believe that increasing these payouts will allow people greater freedom to do what they like and get what they want faster.

Bodyguards, Associates, and MC Members will see payouts increased to encourage and reward cooperative play — along with increased GTA$ payouts across a variety of activities, including greater payouts across Races, Adversary Modes, and select Heist Finales.

Plus, our continued commitment to specially curated seasonal events, additional bonuses and gifts, community challenges, and other surprises for players will ensure that Los Santos remains as dynamic and unpredictable as ever.

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We would also like to thank the Red Dead Online community for their continued support and dedication.

Over the past few years, we have been steadily moving more development resources towards the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series — understanding more than ever the need to exceed players’ expectations and for this next entry to be the best it can possibly be — and as a result, we are in the process of making some changes to how we support Red Dead Online.

Firstly, with both new and experienced players engaging in the wealth of activities already added to this massively rich world including Specialist Roles, story-based cooperative missions, competitive Showdown Modes, and much more, we will continue to showcase these unique additions through Red Dead Online’s monthly events as we move forward, so players of all levels can enjoy everything the vast frontier has to offer.

Alongside seasonal special events and experience improvements — plus other changes to enhance and maintain a healthy Red Dead Online environment — we plan to build upon existing modes and add new Telegram Missions this year, rather than delivering major themed content updates like in previous years, and we will continue to highlight and share the creative efforts of our Red Dead community at every opportunity via the Newswire and beyond.

Once again, we want to thank the community for their continued support. We are truly grateful for all the constructive feedback we’ve received up to this point and hope you keep it coming. This direct feedback from players has been instrumental to the ongoing success of both GTA Online and Red Dead Online — and an integral element of what helps us continue to evolve and improve as we push ahead towards the future.

Please stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire and follow us on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and YouTube for more news in the coming months.