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Jul 26, 2022

HITMAN 3 gets bigger today with a new location: Ambrose Island, a pirate prequel that bridges HITMAN 2 to HITMAN 3

From Press Release:

Today, IO Interactive released Ambrose Island, a brand new location for HITMAN 3. This hidden cove is home to a dangerous pirate syndicate operating in the Andaman Sea, so it’s up to Agent 47 to discover its many hidden secrets and take down the pirate queen Akka and rogue thief Noel Crest.

Taking place before the events of HITMAN 3 – and filling in some of the untold events of HITMAN 2 – this new location sees the return of well-known characters in the World of Assassination and wraps up some narrative threads. In addition, Ambrose Island introduces new challenges, unlockable items and support for RayTracing, VR and Contracts Mode.

This new location is out now and available at no extra cost for all HITMAN 3 owners, including Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Read the IO blog post, highlighting key details about the new location here.