Jul 28, 2022

Early Access date announced for turn-based tactics deckbuilder ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs

From Press Release:

Vancouver, BC / July 28, 2022 – Developer Righteous Hammer Games is excited to announce the Early Access release of ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs, coming to Steam August 30, 2022. ZOR is a mash-up of genres that come together to create a challenging and innovative experience for strategy fans.

In ZOR, players are tasked with protecting the Slorfs, alien creatures on a perilous journey to uncover the truth behind the star god Zor. Travel across hex-grids using a deck of cards, collecting resources and attacking vicious enemies along the way. Players must think carefully about every move to prevent the Slorfs from meeting an untimely demise. Picking up a branch can be beneficial when back at camp, but it could come at the expense of an enemy attack.

ZOR allows players to build powerful decks with over 100 cards to craft or upgrade. Use cards to move, attack, and harvest resources on the board. Slorfs need food and water to survive, which are depleted each time a card is played. Supplies can be replenished by harvesting certain items during battle, or by resting at camp. A Slorf’s health however, is finite, and if they run out, they’ll perish for good. A delicate balance between survival and combat makes for a unique and high stakes tactical experience.

After the Slorfs have beaten the bad guys, they can take a much needed rest by making camp. This is where players can cash in XP for upgrades and craft items to improve the Slorf’s quality of life. Special cards can also be crafted.

For more updates follow the game on Twitter, and keep an eye on the Steam page for announcements prior to ZOR’s release on August 30.