Aug 19, 2022

Beacon Pines is a Tim Burton-esque adventure game releasing September 22nd for PC, Xbox, and now for Switch

From Press Release:

18 August 2022 – Today indie publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Hiding Spot Games revealed that Beacon Pines will be releasing on September 22, with Nintendo Switch announced among the lineup of platforms the game will be available on.

Nintendo Switch, the latest platform to be announced, will bring the creepy and cute adventure game to handheld form, placing the fate of the Beacon Pines townsfolk solely in the player’s grasp.

A story told by the player…

Set in a charming storybook town, Beacon Pines follows the story of Luka as he investigates an unfolding mystery with the help of his friends. Filled with vibrant characters and quirky interactions, it’ll be the choices of the player that determines how The Book — and the increasingly foreboding truth it hides — will unfold.

Beacon Pines will be available on September 22 for $19.99 on Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass), Nintendo SwitchSteam, and other PC platforms.

For information and assets on the game, please visit the Fellow Traveller website, Hiding Spot Games website or follow Beacon Pines and Fellow Traveller on Twitter.