Aug 25, 2022

The gamescom trailer for Crossfire: Legion reveals everything include in the now live 1.3 Update

From Press Release:

Larkspur, Calif. (Aug. 24, 2022) – Crossfire: Legion, the fast-paced action-packed real-time strategy game currently available to play in Early Access, today delivers a wealth of in-game updates that are guaranteed to bring more smiles to commanders’ faces.

Coming to Crossfire: Legion today:

Three New Aircraft:

Each faction will receive a new aircraft unit for enhanced aerial combat:

  • Broadsword (Global Risk): A gunship that can launch effective attacks against stationary targets. When upgraded, Broadsword gunships get a temporary speed boost for hit-and-run attacks.
  • Locust (Black List): An unmanned drone that seeks aerial targets, the Locust self-destructs on impact. It’s capable of bringing down groups of heavy aircraft within its explosion radius.
  • Griffin (New Horizon): A light aircraft specializing in air-to-air combat, the Griffin’s attacks deal high damage to a single target but it suffers from a low rate of fire. Upgraded, the Griffin’s weapon range increases.

Refinery Payload Map:

An exciting new map area that will bring extra volatility to player’s custom games and skirmishes in Payload mode is coming in this update. In Refinery, players fight to secure each payload amongst the hazards of a fuel refinery — using the strategic high ground is key in this explosive environment.

New Campaign Act:

Campaign Act III will bring the mysterious New Horizon faction into focus, adding further depth to the immersive story of Crossfire: Legion. Blackbird Interactive has a rich history when it comes to creating engaging single-player campaigns – with the release of Campaign Act III, a new layer has been added to the narrative-driven campaign.

Campaign Act III consists of four missions (approx. two hours play time) that focus on New Horizon’s role in the ongoing conflict between Global Risk and Black List. As well as casting light on the mysterious New Horizon faction, and its commanders, these missions will help you refine your battlefield skills.

Map Editor:

Take control of the battlefield (literally) and customize it to your desire. The map editor is a massive tool that gives you the ability to create fully functional multiplayer and skirmish maps and publish them on our Steam Workshop. Build any manner of battlefield and test your strategies and tactics against those of your fellow commanders.

Creating your own map doesn’t require any additional tools or special skills, it’s all contained in-game. And once done, share your creations by uploading directly to our Steam Workshop!

The only limit is your imagination. You can toy with:

  • Map size
  • Playable area, buildable, and pathable areas
  • Camera bounds
  • Map themes and lighting
  • Ramps and levels
  • Many many decals
  • Unit placement and restrictions
  • Resource nodes
  • Power-up drop locations
  • Player spawn-point locations
  • Buildings
  • Fog and Wind
  • Audio cues
  • Abysses
  • And too many other things to list….

For more in-depth details, watch the latest video with info on all the changes found in today’s update:

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