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Nov 29, 2022

Crossfire: Legion exits Early Access for Full Release on December 8th

From Press Release:

Larkspur, Calif. (Nov. 28. 2022) – Crossfire: Legion, the fast-paced action-packed real-time-strategy game, will be leaving Early Access on Dec. 8, 2022.

The official launch will add a full suite of gameplay modes, a slew of additional features, new units and commanders, as well as the final act of the campaign to the highly anticipated upcoming title.

Crossfire: Legion will launch with a “free weekend,” where players can discover the game for themselves at no cost from Dec. 8-11.

Additional features and content coming at launch:

  • Final Campaign, Act IV, added
  • Operation Northside co-op mode added
  • New game mode Brawl
  • New skirmish map: Labyrinth (three v three)
  • New payload map: Tongren Facility (three v three)
  • Twelve new units, four for each faction
  • Three additional commanders:
  • Warden (Global Risk)
  • Stalker (Black List)
  • Cipher (New Horizon)
  • A.I. creation for Battle Lines, Payload, Brawl, and Standard Game modes

Crossfire: Legion has grown dramatically since entering Early Access in May of this year. This time has proved immensely valuable, letting us work closely with passionate RTS communities. They have taught us what today’s fans of classic RTS titles want to see and helped mold the game.

For example, our original meta-progression system – involving soft currency to unlock units and commanders in a confusingly presented “store” – was immediately removed due to players’ fears we might introduce micro-transactions for gameplay-affecting items. It also broke the immediacy of the classic RTS experience, whereby the whole army toolbox is accessible from the start.

We listened to the community, removed the progression system, and doubled down on content, adding balance tweaks, etc. Crossfire: Legion has since evolved to include multiple game modes, maps, units, and a map-making tool, all of which adds to the generous content already present and creates the feel of classic RTS titles of yore.

A massive thanks to the players who have supported us and provided feedback during Early Access.

Launch content for Crossfire: Legion:

  • 66 total units
  • Nine total commanders
  • Five classic maps: Predator (three v three), Mountainside (one v one), Typhoon (two v two), Frostbite (one v one), Labyrinth (three v three)
  • Seven PvP and PvE Payload mode maps: Tongren Facility (three v three), Snowbase (two v two), Refinery (three v three), Badland (two v two), Blacksite (three v three), Domination (three v three), Railyard (two v two)
  • Co-op Defense v AI mode – Operation Thunderstrike
  • Co-op Attack v AI mode – Operation Northside
  • Arcade Modes: Brawl, Battle Lines
  • Campaign Acts I – IV, includes fifteen missions in total
  • Map Maker with Steam Workshop

For more details and a look at the units and commanders, check out today’s developer blog here:

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