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Dec 08, 2022

Tactical action real-time strategy game Crossfire: Legion leaves Early Access for full release today

From Press Release:

Larkspur, Calif. (Dec. 8, 2022) – Publisher Prime Matter and developer Smilegate are proud to announce that Crossfire: Legion – a fast-paced RTS heavy on old-school action – has left Early Access and is now fully released for PC.

Co-developed by Blackbird Interactive, Crossfire: Legion leverages Smilegate’s hugely popular Crossfire universe, a world where rival military conglomerates fight for global domination across a shattered version of the near future.

For months, the teams have been hard at work enhancing the playing field, adding new commanders and units then carefully applying tweaks and balances. Competitive and cooperative game modes have introduced new ways to play, and the game’s high-octane single-player campaign has been updated to include full storylines.

The 1.0 version of Crossfire: Legion now packs a ton of content for campaign fans, co-op players, and competitive players alike – with substantial improvements across all areas and game modes.

“We can’t wait for RTS lovers to finally experience the complete package Crossfire: Legion has to offer,” said Maurice Grela, game designer at Blackbird Interactive. “A huge thanks to everyone who patiently borne with us as we were expanding the game in Early Access. We now stand ready to incorporate your post-launch feedback!”

Modes and maps included in Crossfire: Legion 1.0:

Campaign Acts I – IV (single-player, 15 missions)

This narrative-driven single-player experience will take you on a globe-spanning campaign of military intrigue, all while society stands on the verge of collapse. Solve diverse tactical challenges across a wide variety of environments: fight atop skyscrapers, dig into bayous, push through heavily defended military bases, and explore other extreme battle scenarios.

Classic Versus (PvP and PvE, five maps)

Fight to the death with and/or against other players and AI-controlled factions.

Map list: Predator (3v3), Mountainside (1vs1), Typhoon (2v2), Frostbite (1v1), Labyrinth (3v3)

Payload (PvP and PvE, eight maps)

Work as a team to capture and escort three payloads to your opponent’s base while securing falling crates that contain powerups.

Map list: Tongren Facility (3v3), Snowbase (2v2), Refinery (3v3), Badland (2v2), Blacksite (3v3), Domination(3v3), Railyard (2v2), Mountainside (2v2)

Operation Thunderstrike (Three human players co-op VS AI, on a dedicated map)

Fight increasingly more difficult hordes of computer-controlled enemies as you reinforce your base and complete side missions to unlock power-ups (VIP escort, etc.). Can you hold until the end?

Operation Northside (Three human players co-op VS AI, on a dedicated map)

Storm a fortified embassy and defeat an entrenched enemy AI with your friends.

Brawl (PvP up to 3v3, on a dedicated map)

Units spawn at your HQ automatically and auto-upgrade as the game escalates (based on your pre-selected deck loadout), letting you focus purely on action-packed tactics. Destroy all enemy HQs to win the game.

Battlelines (PvP and PvE up to 3v3, on a dedicated map)

The opposite of Brawl, focusing on macro-decisions and army composition. Place your units in formation and watch them spawn in waves that automatically fight toward the other team’s HQs.

Level Editor (with Steam Workshop integration)

A powerful tool to create new PvP and PvE content and easily share it with the community. Aside from its map-making aspects, the editor also lets players experiment with unit stats, camera bounds, audio cues, game logic, etc.

Aspiring commanders can try their hand on the battlefield for free this weekend with a free trial period on Steam (purchase required after period ends).

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