Sep 05, 2022

RUNGORE: Beginner Experience offers a lengthy demo for the brawler meets card battler for some truly chaotic gameplay

From Press Release:

RUNGORE: Beginner Experience is heavily inspired by Slay The Spire and Loop Hero. It takes all the good parts from those games and smashes them together until they stick.

The Free Extended Prologue is now available on Steam for free 

(So far 90%+ positive reviews)


  • Idle battles (very exciting)
  • Non restricted card-play. Have you ever wanted to play 100 cards during one encounter? Well, now you can
  • 3 heroes with different strategies for each one to explore
  • 3 levels to assert dominance over random mobs
  • Psychopathic tutorial guide

The biggest thing that differs RUNGORE from everything else in the sea of card battlers, is that in RUNGORE you don’t take turns to play cards. You don’t have AP, mana, or whatever that might not let you use them. You don’t have your regular deck of cards either, instead you manage and strategize only with cards you have in your hand.

Release Date: Sep. 2nd. 2022

Price: Free prologue (3h+ of gameplay)

Languages available: German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese.