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Sep 30, 2022

Update 1.1 for Plunder Panic adds Gold Rush mode, new items, and new islands today

From Press Release:

A treasure trove of exciting updates are now available in the 1.1 version of Plunder Panic, including an entirely new game mode, three new bootyful islands, and boatloads of new features! Work together to accumulate as much booty as possible in Gold Rush, a new game mode that challenges players to work as a crew to pillage your opponent’s treasure chests and  walk away with the most riches. But that’s not all! A special Cursed Gold item will be accompanying this update, and it’s sure to put a hinderin on your opponent’s plunderin!

If new locales are what you long for then you’re in luck! Three new islands will take ye across the globe as you battle it out in ancient Mayan Ruins, vast seas of sands in the land of Desert Sphinx, and the fantastical Crystal Geysers! These new islands are full of swashbuckling secrets that will keep players on their toes, which is sure to keep gameplay fast and exciting. And alongside improved features, like smarter and craftier NPC pirates and throwable axes, there is plenty for ye salty sea dogs to sink your teeth into.

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You can read about the latest updates coming to Plunder Panic below:

  • New game mode: Gold Rush – The booty be ours! In Gold Rush, work as a crew to gather all the loot you can and deposit it back in your team’s chest. Rowboat explosions and sustained cannon fire knock gold out of yer enemy’s chest. Only the richest of pirates will emerge victorious.

  • New item: Cursed Gold – Sneak this bag o’cursed doubloons into the enemy’s chest to hinder their plunderin’! Ye be warned, though: if this accursed gold finds a way into yer own chest, prepare to dig through yer hard-earned treasure to get it out! Luckily, it doesn’t seem to curse ye with a cold and unfeeling immortality…but it’s still a pain in the booty!

  • New item: Throwing Axe – This curious relic from the lands of Transylvania has a blade forged from silver. Lob it high in the air to damage any enemies in its path! D’ye reckon it might be sharp enough to cut a cannon’s burning wick?

  • New island: Mayan Ruins – Behold, the Mayan Ruins, the remnants of an ancient civilization lost to time. Here the great winged serpent Quetzalcoatl guards the timeworn relics. Many a pirate has sought to gather riches from this age-old treasure trove, but beware all who spark the guardian’s wrath with their greed. Traverse these ruins only if ye dare!

  • New island: The Crystal Geysers – Nobody quite knows what’s keeping these mysterious crystals afloat, but they sure are a beauty! These shining sky rocks hover above an active geyser zone. The jets of water shooting from the earth have a tendency to send pirates skyward as well. Be sure to ride the waves to victory, me hearties!

  • New island: Desert Sphinx – Welcome to the land of the Desert Sphinx, an arid landscape that managed to find itself stranded in the middle of the ocean. This sandy oasis is the perfect place for plundering. Just watch that the wind stays on yer side! Dust storms often form here, sending pirates and items flying all over the place. Keep your wits about ye as ye go sailing through the air to victory.

  • Feature: Trajectory arrows for throwable items – just hold the action button on throwable items, like the axe, dynamite, and Molotov cocktail to see a UI overlay that shows the trajectory of the throw.

  • Feature: AI Improvements – Smarter NPC pirates

  • Feature: SFX tweaks and updates

  • Bug Fixes: Numerous fixes to issues in v1.0 found internally or from player community

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Inspired by classic SNES games, Plunder Panic blends retro graphics, arcadey action, and a boatload of online (and offline) gameplay modes and options to shiver even the most hardened pirates’ timbers. Two teams of up to six players must go all hands on deck and face off against each other, utilizing a variety of weapons, enchanted items, and power-ups. In addition to matchmaking online, players can play together locally with as many controllers supported on their respective platforms. Cross-play also enables online matchmaking across all versions of the game. Plunder Panic is available on Windows PC/MacPlayStation 4|5Xbox One and Series X|SNintendo Switch, and Steam Deck with full cross-platform play!

To learn more about Plunder Panic, visit to sign-up for the newsletter and join the game’s official Discord server. Fans can also follow on FacebookTwitterTikTok and Instagram.