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Oct 12, 2022

Torchlight: Infinite enters into Open Beta on mobile and PC via Steam today

From Press Release:

XD Inc are thrilled to announce that players can now join the fast-paced, dungeon-crawling action of Torchlight: Infinite in its open beta.

Developed as a true loot-based action-RPG (ARPG), Torchlight: Infinite embodies everything fans love about the genre. PC and mobile gamers can throw themselves headfirst into intense hero-driven, action-packed gameplay. Dungeons teeming with treasures are waiting to be plundered, and players can do so whilst indulging in deep skill systems, and bountiful builds for an array of characters.

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Download and play now from the official website or Steam on PC. Android users can find Torchlight: Infinite on TapTap and Google Play, and iOS users via the App Store. The open beta test will continue to run until the game fully launches with all player progress carrying over.

Torchlight: Infinite gives fans an opportunity to get fully immersed in an unlimited looting experience, whilst reaping the rewards of creating unique, and powerful classes. Join the ARPG action today!

Beyond Destiny

Brave the ancient City of Ichi, a formidable dungeon home to a plethora of forbidden treasures. Protected by countless traps and adversaries, teamwork will prove essential in navigating such a location as players dispose of enemies that stand between them and the loot they covet. Feast your eyes on what adventure lies afoot in The City of Ichi, in a brand-new and compelling cinematic trailer!

Jump into Torchlight: Infinite’s open beta, available to play from today via Google PlayApp StoreTapTap and Steam

For more information, visit the official website.

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