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Nov 02, 2022

The Past Within is out today, a co-op time traveling adventure in the Rusty Lake series

From Press Release:

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, 2 November 2022 – The Past Within is now available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android! With this, Rusty Lake releases the first co-op game of its mysterious series, in which two players must communicate and solve riddles to uncover Albert Vanderboom’s plans. A new launch trailer has been released to mark this occasion.

The game is available through the following platforms:

In order to celebrate the release of Rusty Lake’s first co-op game, The Past Within will be available at a discount of 40% on Steam during launch week.

The Past Within is a co-op only game: both players need to own a copy of the game and can play on their own preferred platform, as long as they can communicate with each other.


Time to enter the cube

The time has come to explore The Past and The Future in this asynchronous point-and-click puzzle adventure set in the surrealistic realm of Rusty Lake. By teaming up with a trusted partner and communicating everything you see, players must put two and two together and solve a variety of puzzles as they explore their respective surroundings. To enjoy the game, players do not require any previous knowledge of the world of Rusty Lake.

In The Past Within, players must figure out what plans Albert Vanderbloom concocted before his death to set them in motion. To do so, one player must investigate the Past as Albert’s daughter Rose, while the other offers assistance from the Future as a yet to be revealed character. Where the previous Rusty Lake games consisted of purely 2D environments, in The Past Within players also experience the universe in 3D!

Starting today, The Past Within is available on PC (compatible with Steam Deck), Mac, iOS and Android. In the near Future, the game will also come out on Nintendo Switch. This is the first multiplayer experience in the Rusty Lake series and is playable through crossplay across all devices. An internet connection is unnecessary – as long as both players can communicate with each other, they can each play the game on their preferred platform.

Co-founder of Rusty Lake Robin Ras says, “We are excited to be able to show our fans what we’ve been working so hard on the past few years and that they can now finally experience the eerie universe of Rusty Lake together. It is time to learn more about the world and the vital characters in it. We can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on The Past Within!”

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