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Jan 09, 2023

Drive “multi-ton clumsy cars” in new vehicular combat game Turbo Sloths, out now on PC via Steam

From Press Release:

Turbo Sloths new combat racing game by RainStyle games, where your primary objective is to use a powerful turbine to make your multi-ton, clumsy truck become as fast as a bolt of lightning! A whole new concept of racing vehicles, loaded with weaponry and spiced up with familiar handling system seen in good old NFS games.


  • 8 hours of gameplay, whereby you get to meet the heroes and villains of Turia, build your very own Turbojunk vehicle, rig parts onto it, upgrade, buy and sell them as well as visually customize your monster;
  • Split screen mode;
  • Noth classical racing modes, such as sprint, lap race, flat-out, and something completely new, like destruction derby against robots, and of course Bosses;
  • Two categories of the bosses: the unique opponents you compete against in races, and huge deadly machines that can blow your mind away when you first meet them;
  • A vast variety of weapons and other technical means, like rockets, mines, a machine gun, a shield, etc.;
  • Obstacles, which include flammable barrels, robots of different kinds, traps and turrets – all of these serve but one purpose – to slow you down, or even burn you to a crisp;
  • You’ll race against thugs after nightfall, and take part in official League races, as well as under pouring rain and in searing heat;
  • A great variety of diverse tracks with straight sections for you to feel the speed along with more curvy sections for more skillful racers.


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