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Jan 23, 2023

Plan B: Terraform, the resource management game enters Early Access on February 15th

From Press Release:

January 23, 2023 – Developer Gaddy Games is pleased to announce that its calm and contemplative resource management title Plan B: Terraform is headed into Early Access on February 15th. Set in the near future where Earth has had a difficult time limiting global warming and its catastrophic consequences, humanity has had to put together a plan B.

After discovering a new and untouched planet, Plan B: Terraform has players building and expanding a growing colony for Earth’s survivors. Not only will players need to create homes but they’ll also have to build up entire cities in order to supply and manage this new planet’s terraformation.

Players will find that each task they complete, they’ll be making this planet more and more hospitable for human life. Build terraforming devices in order to warm up the atmosphere, make the ice melt and encourage rainfall so that rivers and oceans form. Once conditions are met, players will be able to plant trees and grow them into large forests.

The world of Plan B: Terraform is composed of more than a million hexagons. Players will experience a “real” terraformation of a planet with a global and real-time simulation of temperature, vegetation growth and dynamically formed rivers and oceans. Watch the radical evolution of the population as the colony goes from just a few inhabitants to a million and more. It’s time to make Earth’s Plan B a success.


  • Expand and progress: Extract minerals, terraform, and transport these items to cities in order to expand your colony.
  • Plan for the future: Build terraforming devices such as greenhouse gas factories in order to progressively warm up the atmosphere, make ice melt and make rain fall until rivers and oceans form. Once certain conditions are met you’ll be able to plant trees and create lush forests.
  • Huge planetary scale background: A realistic world made up of over a million hexagons.
  • Real terraformation of a planet: The game features a real time simulation of temperature, vegetation, rain and water flowing to from dynamic rivers and oceans.

Plan B: Terraform is set to release on February 15th. The demo for the game is currently available right now as part of the Steam Base Builder Fest and will be available through the end Steam Next Fest on February 13th. Wishlist the game now on Steam to keep informed about updates and Early Access info.