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Mar 09, 2023

Follow in the footsteps of Da Vinci in Escape Simulator’s FREE DLC with “Leonardo’s Workshop” today

From Press Release:

Samobor, Croatia – March 9, 2023 – Today, players can dive right into Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop in co-op puzzle game Escape Simulator! This additional room challenges escapees in ways they have not experienced before. After all, Da Vinci wasn’t called a genius mastermind for nothing! Will you be able to decipher his secrets in this free new update?

Leonardo’s Workshop is available on Steam for free!

You can find Escape Simulator here:

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Leonardo’s Workshop is open for business!

Today, co-op puzzle game Escape Simulator is getting its next free room: Leonardo’s Workshop, starring the iconic workshop of the famously talented scholar Leonardo da Vinci. In order to escape from the room, players will have to unravel the mysteries surrounding his life that have had experts scratching their heads for many years. Will you be up to the task to take on the master himself?

To give themselves a morale boost, players can choose from various new pieces of clothing to fit in with the room’s theme that are now available in-game. A new soundtrack has also been released to set the mood while players go about escaping the new room. Additionally, next week escapees will gain access to a variety of new room assets in the Room Editor with which they can start creating their own puzzle rooms to challenge and outsmart each other.

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That’s not all, however, for this additional room is part of a free update which also includes a full translation into Italian. This means that Escape Simulator can now also be played in the language of Da Vinci and many of his famous peers.


  • Solve puzzles. Face a growing collection of interactive escape rooms, spread across six weird and wonderful locations: “Labyrinth of Egypt”, “Adrift in Space”, “Edgewood Mansion”, “Omega Corporation”, “Steampunk Airship’’ and “Wild West”.
  • Team up with friends. Every Escape Simulator room supports online co-op! Join forces with friends to test your teamwork & tackle puzzles together.
  • Powered by the community. Use the Room Editor to build your very own *dream* escape room. Or dive into one of the 3,000+ custom rooms built by our creative community.
  • Dress to impress. Wear silly hats, customize your character & wear a series of themed outfits, tailor-made for each puzzle environment.
  • Cause chaos! Smash vases. Melt locks. Rearrange the furniture. Make a mess! If it’s not nailed down, you can pick it up (and inevitably throw it at your friends).

In order to celebrate the launch of this new room, several discounts are running for the co-op game on Steam. The base game is currently 25% off, whereas the Collector’s Edition, the Wild West and Steampunk DLCs, and the soundtrack are 10% off.