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Apr 04, 2023

The Flames of Retribution burn on April 19th with the biggest update for Age of Darkness: Final Stand

From Press Release:

Tuesday, 4th April 2023– A long shadow is being cast over the harsh and unforgiving world of Erodar. On 19th April, ancient threats, old grudges, and new allies are set to emerge across the continent. Protectors of the Light, it’s almost time to take your Final Stand…

Team17 and PlaySide Studios have announced Flames of Retribution, the biggest update ever for award-winning survival RTS, Age of Darkness: Final Stand. Since launching into Steam Early Access in October 2021 with a formidable Survival Mode, Age of Darkness: Final Stand has continued to receive new heroes and updates. Flames of Retribution represents the next evolution of the title and will include the first seven of 10 fully voiced campaign chapters, a new hero, Merek, who joins the fray in Survival Mode, and a range of new updates when it launches.


Merek Longhold, also known as “The Bolstering Might”, will be the latest Hero to join the illustrious ranks of The Order in Survival Mode. Wielding a massive halberd and with an ego to match, this hard-hitting, close-combat bruiser is an imposing figure on and off the battlefield. Despite presenting himself as a paragon of law and order, Merek has been known to demonstrate some moral flexibility when it benefits his desires and coin purse.

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a challenging survival real-time strategy game set in a dark fantasy world, where remnants of humanity make a last attempt at holding back against the unrelenting hordes of Nightmares, monstrous creatures that lurk in the fog of war known as ‘The Veil’. Featuring proprietary SwarmTech technology, which enables the game to render up to 70,000 models on screen at once – three times more than its genre competitors – and procedurally generated maps and randomised rewards, no final stand ever the same.

Flames of Retribution follows two previously released content updates during Early Access, each bringing new production units and heroes to the battlefield: Queen’s Fury in November 2021, and Rebellion’s Rise in December 2022. The remaining chapters in the campaign will follow later in 2023.

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