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Apr 07, 2023

The Mercenaries bonus mode is now available in Resident Evil 4 remake as a FREE update

From Press Release:

The Mercenaries mode is now available in Resident Evil 4 as a free update for all owners of the base game! In case you aren’t familiar with The Mercenaries from previous iterations of the franchise, a brief breakdown of what players will experience can be found below:

  • The Mercenaries is an action-packed bonus mode where the player’s goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible within a limited time to achieve high scores.

  • Leon’s loadout is fixed from the start of play (handgun, shotgun, sniper rifle, and knife). Making fast, strategic decisions about how to dispatch foes is crucial to success.

  • Defeating enemies in quick succession generates combos and increases the player’s score. Performing actions like melee finishes, headshots, and taking out stronger enemies like the Chainsaw Man also adds precious seconds to the ever-ticking clock.

  • Fill the Mayhem Mode gauge by defeating enemies and performing actions like parries, then activate it to unleash stat buffs and score/time bonuses for even higher scores.

  • Players can unlock additional content for The Mercenaries, including new stages and other elements, by progressing through the mode.