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Apr 28, 2023

GOG goes old school with Good Old Games Week sale

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From Press Release:

April 28th, 2023 – GOG, a digital distribution platform where gamers can build their collection of modern games and classic titles in a DRM-free format, is launching the Good Old Games Week. 400+ titles discounted up to -90%, many of them widely considered a classic. The event will last until May 8th, 10 PM UTC.

A year ago, GOG revived the concept of Good Old Games, by adding the “Good Old Game” tag, which showcases over 500 titles, older than 10 years and critically acclaimed that our Team has deemed iconic classics. GOG remains dedicated to the efforts to make games last forever by helping older titles shine again and preserving them for future generations.

While putting efforts to preserve classics, we also cherish modern titles such as Under The Moon – the game that is up for grabs in a giveaway. If you’re a riddle enthusiast you will have lots of fun while solving riddles in game while experiencing the stylized graphics, ambient soundtracks (which are exclusive for the level that you’re in) and mellow atmosphere. An indie adventure game is available for free until Monday, 1 PM UTC.

Some classics are universally known and beloved, some are still waiting to be discovered. We commit to bringing gamers the best Good Old Games and enhancing their visibility, accessibility and discoverability. Here are some of the best deals you can get during Good Old Games Week:

Evoke nostalgia and join us in celebrating classics that shaped modern titles during Good Old Games Week. The event will last until May 8th, 10 PM UTC.