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Jul 20, 2023

Airframe Ultra, a vehicular combat racer announced from Rainworld developers VIDEOCULT and publisher Akupara Games

From Press Release:

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 20th, 2023​ – VIDEOCULT, alongside publisher Akupara Games, announced their second official partnership developing the fast-paced, vehicular combat racing game, Airframe Ultra. Juice the throttle and tighten your fist as you fight for your life in VIDEOCULT’s retro multiplayer battle-brawler where you’ll chase that ever so addicting rush of blood, sweat, and chrome. Just to get your final shot at obtaining freedom and fame, be that on the road or on your half-assed Airframe. Only one question remains– what are you willing to sacrifice for salvation? Or as it’s better known around here, the sweet sweet taste of nitrous adrenaline.

“It’s the year 2023, why are there no super cool retro cyberpunk hoverbike racing combat games? I feel like I was lied to by society. So it looks like we’re going to have to do it ourselves. We put in katanas, molotov cocktails, a chain that you swing around and use as a whip. Heck you can even joust with knocked down street signs, like some crazed street knights. Cervantes in a moto jacket. Do you remember Twisted Metal? Vigilante? Carmageddon? I delight in memories of chaotic fun with vehicular carnage: explosions, shouting names at my friends. To deny the youth of today those same halcyon days would be tragic. It’s up to us. So pick up your helmet and your uzi, dust off your rusted airframe and join us in this celebration of speed and violence! Welcome to Airframe Ultra.” – James Therrien, Co-founder of VIDEOCULT


Three feet above the blacktop lies another city. Its citizens are the desperate, the thrill-seeking, the troublemaking and the mad. At this height, the legends of the street are made.

Welcome to the violent underground world of Ultra Circuit racing.

From the cracked asphalt of San Juaro and the Ysidro edgelands to the hulking megacities of the Texicali ZEGO zone, Airframe riders from all across the Southlands compete for fame, fortune, and a chance at glory… three feet above or six feet below.


  • Hoverbikes
  • Weapons
  • Vibes

VIDEOCULT is an independent videogame studio, focusing on the development of games with a slightly esoteric flavor. We are interested in creating clever Artifical Intelligence, immersive sandbox ecologies, and emotionally rich gaming experiences that will stay with you long after you have set the controller down. For more information, visit:

About Akupara Games
Akupara Games is an indie game publisher based in Los Angeles, California. Using extensive knowledge and experience in development, they support their developers through an involved and personalized pipeline to bring games to communities of players who are looking for their next enveloping experience. Their vision is to help bring stories to life and usher in the next line of gaming classic. For more information, visit: