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Jul 28, 2023

Taste decliciousness again with Cook Serve Delicious: Re-Mustard, a remastering of the original – coming in 2024

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From Press Release:

July 27th, 2023 — Vertigo Gaming Inc. is ecstatic to reveal a number of new developments for its restaurant management series Cook, Serve, Delicious! including an all-new remaster of the original CSD!
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious: Re-Mustard! is coming to PC and consoles in 2024 | A full remaster of the one that started it all, Re-Mustard will include a fresh campaign, new typing mode, and much more (details below). The Steam store page is now live for those interested in following and/or wishlisting the game.
  • The original Cook, Serve, Delicious! is coming to Switch, PS4/PS5, and Xbox One this fall | Release dates forthcoming as the game makes its way through console certification.
  • A new Early Access update will release in August for Cook Serve Forever | New foods, achievements, and a major continuation of the campaign’s storyline set to arrive next month. Plus: Steam Deck Verification and Quality of Life updates for the original Cook, Serve, Delicious! Trilogy.
  • Cook, Serve Steam Daily Deal underway | Join us in celebrating all these announcements during Cook, Serve, Delicious! Day, with discounts of up to 75% off for the entire series!
Cook Serve Delicious: Re-Mustard!
Get ready for a new take on the classic original Cook, Serve, Delicious! game — Cook, Serve, Delicious: Re-Mustard! is a brand-new title featuring everything you loved about the original classic, plus a slew of new features and updates. Follow and wishlist it on Steam today for more details and release info!Cook, Serve, Delicious: Re-Mustard! includes:

  • An all-new campaign that includes brand new emails and story elements to tie it into the events of Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! and Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!
  • A new Typing Mode tests your typing skills as you flex your IPMs—Ingredients Per Minute—typing out each ingredient in this frantic new way to play CSD!
  • Re-balanced difficulties ranging from Chill to Extreme!
  • All new art and expanded music by the original composer, Jonathan Geer
  • All 30 classic foods are back with new recipes and ingredients, plus ten brand-new foods
  • Classic local co-op Chef/Expediter mode and a new split-screen mode
  • New campaign side quests and surprises!
  • Brand new 60fps code base

Cook, Serve, Delicious: Re-Mustard! will launch in 2024 for PC and console platforms.