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Sep 26, 2023

Witchy Life Story will cast a spell on you via Switch and Xbox on October 19th

From Press Release:

SEPTEMBER 26 2023 (SEATTLE, WA) — Today, Sundew Studios announced that Witchy Life Story, the wholesome and cozy visual novel filled with friendship, magic, and a little chaos, will cast its spell on Nintendo Switch and Xbox on October 19.

First released on PC in September 2022, Witchy Life Story follows a chaotic teen’s first two weeks on the job as a village witch. Players can conjure their own witch with a robust character creator, complete with customization options from body type to skin color to pronouns. Then it’s time to discover the sleepy town of Flora and help (or hex?) the inhabitants as they prepare for the upcoming harvest festival.

Villagers request spells and rituals, which can be filled by brewing potions made with flowers and herbs grown in your own garden. As you build friendships with your clientele, you can expand your grimoire of skills with tarot readings and guided meditations, to help them in ways they may not have even known they needed.

Magic takes many forms in Witchy Life Story:

  • Be Your Own Witch: Design your emotive and troublesome witch however you see fit, with an extensive character creator. There’s no excuse for not looking your best!
  • Curl Up in Your Cozy House: Decorate your altar with the various spells, crystals, and plants you collect throughout your stay in Flora.
  • Gather Herbs and Brew Potions: Tend your garden to collect plants to use in your magical recipes, as well as other rituals and experiments that are totally, definitely Official Witch Business.
  • Enchant the Locals: Craft spells, perform tarot readings, lead guided meditations, and more. Maybe you’ll throw in an extra rune or two for more potency? That definitely won’t backfire!
  • Bewitching Friendships…And Maybe More?: Get to know the charming residents of

Flora including three romance-able characters. Will you end up with a date to the festival?