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Sep 27, 2023

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf and all of its DLCs to be delisted soon, buy them on a massive discount before they’re gone

From Press Release:

September 27, 2023. Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf and all its DLCs will be no longer available for purchase from the 11th of October 2023 due to the license agreement. Yet, the players who own the game will have their copies available. For those who wish to play Space Wolf, but haven’t got it yet, HeroCraft PC offers massive discounts on all of the platforms. 

Don’t miss the last chance to praise the Emperor on the turn-based/RPG battlefields.

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Here are the discount sizes and platforms schedule: 

  • On PlayStation Store Asia: 85%, from September 27 to October 11. 
  • On Nintendo eShop US: 88%, from September 29 to October 11. 
  • On Nintendo eShop EU: 90%, from October 8 to October 11. 
  • On Xbox: 90%, from October 3 to October 9. 
  • On Steam for Deluxe Edition Bundle: 90%, from September 27 to October 5.
  • On Steam for Main Game and the Saga of the Great Awakening DLC: 90% from October 5 to October 11. 
  • On Steam for all other DLCs: 90% from October 8 to October 11. 

Also, you can find Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf with 6 DLCs (Wrath of the Damned, Drenn Redblade, Sentry Gun Pack, Saga of the Great Awakening, Sigurd Ironside, Fall of Kanak) in Humble Bundle HeroCraft PC Humongous Collection for as low as $1. 

About publisher:

HeroCraft PC is a subdivision of HeroCraft — an established developer and publisher of high-quality games for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, including King of Dragon Pass, Tempest / Under the Jolly Roger, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf. The company’s portfolio comprises over 10 games with a focus on role-playing, action, and strategy titles. HeroCraft PC is currently publishing several games, including Anvil Saga, Revival: Recolonization, Deck of Souls, Heart Abyss, Catizens, and Union of Gnomes.